Why Buy American?

It is probably not possible to buy American 100% of the time. There are a couple of things we can do. We can try. We can also request American made products. If we do nothing, then nothing changes.

There are lots of theories and opinions concerning the principles of a sound economy.

A few time tested fundamentals that most people agree on are:

  • An economy should be predominantly powered by tangible goods. Manufactured goods, raw materials, agricultural goods, real estate, and the direct commerce of these goods. If an economy is powered by the loaned money and speculation markets, its framework becomes weak.

  • A country needs to export more than it imports. Trade deficits negatively impact the value of a nations currency.

  • An economy needs continual growth at a sustained rate. Failure here is the definition of economic recession.

All good arguments for a strong domestic manufacturing market. It may not be your job lost today because someone bought imported instead of domestic, but it is all interconnected, and it may be your job tomorrow.

At Industrial Tool Service, we strive to promote American made products. We do not limit ourselves to American made only, it would not be practical. It is not necessary. If everyone buys American 51% of the time it would be a huge improvement and would correct our trade deficit.

Below are some links to help you locate products Made in the USA:

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