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Industrial Tool Service: Excellent Tool Repairs at a Reasonable Price.

Tool Repair Estimates:Our tool repair estimates are free.
If you decide not to repair the tool, we will either scrap it and you pay nothing, or we will return the tool to you. If we return the tool there will be a $12 handling charge + return shipping cost. The tool is then returned as is, at least partially disassembled.
Hand Held Tools:Labor rates are $40 per hour on hand held tools which generally take 30 min. to 1 hour to repair.
Fixtured Tools:For fixtured tools, the rate is $50 per hour and they generally take 1.5 to 3 hours. Volume discounts are available starting at 4 hours, this is normally 2 or more tools.
ARO Self Feed Drills:For ARO self-feed drills, a basic overhaul generally costs $220 to $340 depending on tool model. This includes complete teardown, cleaning, inspection, resurfacing of hard parts as needed, replacement of all soft parts & high wear parts (O-rings, seals, check valve springs, rotor blades/vanes, and motor bearings. All of the parts that you get in the factory rebuild kit), the tool then gets lubrication, reassembled and bench tested. Price does not include replacement of any hard parts (end plates, rotor, cylinder, piston rod, etc.).
Used & Rebuilt Tools:On used & rebuilt tools, prices vary. For estimating purposes, good used parts & tools will cost 25% or less of new, rebuilt parts & tools 50% or less of new price.
New Tools & Parts:Prices on new tools & parts are very competitive. We can often offer deals that our competitors cannot.


When we sell a rebuilt ARO fixtured tool, it is guaranteed 1 year, parts & labor, just like a new tool.

When we sell a rebuilt hand held tool, the warranty is 6 months.

On used equipment, warranty is 30 days and may be limited to refund of purchase price.

As with most warranties, ours covers defects in materials & workmanship, not failures caused by contaminated air, lack of lubrication, misuse, drops or accidents. We have never strictly enforced the warranty exclusions however, and have not denied a warranty request in over 10 years. About 1 tool in every 800 is returned for warranty work.

For Free Estimates Contact Industrial Tool Service: 763-784-8844